Patch 1.2 “Tipping the Scales” Available for Testing!

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Darkest Greetings Underlords, Patch 1.2 “Tipping the Scales” is approaching completion and we’re sure that you’re eager to get your hands on it. With the changes in the patch being so huge we’ve taken the decision to extend the testing period, but much like 1.1, we didn’t want to keep it […]


Patch 1.2 Preview – Quality of Life

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  Greetings loyal Underlords! A few days ago we gave you some insight into the balance changes that will be making their way to you in the next patch! But you’d be remiss if you think that balance is all that Patch 1.2 is about, indeed there’s plenty more coming […]


Patch 1.2 Preview – Balance Changes

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Darkest greetings Underlords! In our State of the Game post last week we announced that there will be some major balance coming to the game in patch 1.2. Today we’d like to take a more in depth look at some of these exciting changes. As such we’ve got a big […]


State of the Game: 10-08-2015


Darkest greetings Underlords, Today the time is upon us once again, the ancient rituals have been enacted and ancient evils called through the aether to assemble here. Take a seat Underlord, or as much of a seat that you can as a gestalt godlike being. open your mind and listen […]


Patch 1.1.22 Release Notes

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Darkest Greetings Underlords, We’ve just pushed our latest patch 1.1.22 live and with it comes another round of Performance optimisations, quality of life changes and a whole host of other fixes and changes. Work on Patch 1.2 is now earnestly under-way and you can expect several new features to be […]


Patch 1.1.15 Release Notes


Greetings Underlords, After a couple of weeks of silence we’ve at last completed work on our latest Minor Patch. 1.1.15 is a large update encompassing quite a few changes including some significant performance optimisations. We’ve been testing all the changes in this patch over the past two weeks and we’re […]


WFTO Wednesday #129: End of an Era


End of an Era   The end is upon us Underlord and a new beginning just around the corner. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign two and a half years ago we’ve kept you up to date with our weekly updates. With 129 (130 if you include the one […]

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